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Cloth diapering mania July 9, 2008

Posted by Judy in EC adventures, Sewing projects.

My newest obsession is cloth diapering.  Okay, so it’s not totally new . . we’ve been doing EC (elimination communication) with DS since birth, and we’ve been using cloth diapers about 90% of the time at home and disposables at night and in public.  Babies grow, so his cloth dipes weren’t fitting anymore, which caused all sorts of “drama”.  So I did some snooping online for how to make some other cloth dipes and what to my wondering eyes should appear but TONS of info on cloth diapering:  how to make them, how to wash them, how to carry them around, etc.  Being the frugal gal that I am, and always one to try something new, I made a whole stash of cute fitted dipes.  Okay, so they aren’t as glam as the ones you can by from WAHM’s, but they were super-cheap to make ($10 for a stash of old t-shirts) and they look so cute on his little heiny!

Anyway, so then we decided to try cloth diapering full time, which seemed like a scary proposition.  Once again, the trusty internet came to my rescue with loads of info.  So we are now on week 3 of using cloth dipes overnight, which is working like a charm.  We haven’t started using the cloth in public yet, because I haven’t finished my next project:  designing the perfect cloth diapering diaper bag.  After hours of research online, I’ve finally come up with a design that I think will work and I’m drafting up the pattern and plans.  Phew, it’s a big project, but is keeping me entertained!

So in addition to cloth dipes, I’ve made some great cloth wipes with some yummy-smelling wipe solution.  It might appear that we are going green . . .really, it’s just much cheaper and more practical for us to use the cloth, especially with #2 on it’s way in October.  We could go broke buying diapers for two babies, can you imagine?

Anyhu, stay tuned for updates on my diaper bag project.  I hope to be uploading some pics of the finished dipes as well as the diaper bag and any other diaper-related things I manage to concoct.  I’m also all about giving credit where it’s due, so I’m working on a while pile of links to the wonderful tutorials and pages that have taught me many things and have inspired me to try tackling this ginormous sewing project!!


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