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Music . . .the air I breathe July 13, 2008

Posted by Judy in Musings.

Being a SAHM, I’m not teaching or performing anymore, so I don’t do much with music.  Since I was changing careers to midwifery, this didn’t seem like a big deal.  That is, until yesterday.  A high school choir from Chile sang at the church, and these kids were something else.  You knew they believed what they were singing and they were singing for the sheer love of it, not because they sounded great.  There were only about 20 of them, but they created a HUGE amount of sound.  I was floored.  And the tenors, man, if only I’d had tenors like that in my former choirs! I kept expecting their voices to crack or pop into falsetto, but they just kept singing higher and higher with such clear tones. .amazing.  And speaking of high, the sopranos were not the screechy type that can often be found in high school choirs, these girls possessed such a mature sound.  What a treat!

As I sat there listening to them, I was overwhelmed with emotion and realized that I missed performing and teaching choir and everything else that was my life once upon a time.  I realized that as interested as I am in becoming a “baby catcher”, in order to be true to myself, I have to get back into music.  So thank you Chilean high school choir for  reminding why music is the air I breathe.


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