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Are groundhogs dangerous? August 22, 2008

Posted by Judy in Musings.

I asked myself this question after a little run-in the other day.  I was outside hanging laundry on the line when I heard a rustling from the gigantic weedy area also known as the side of the house.  Out pops this seriously ugly groundhog and it’s just looking at me.  I’m thinking, “hmm, now what?”  So I slowly drop the diaper back into the basket and inch towards the basement door.  I manage to find something to toss it’s direction to get it to go, but it just looked at the flower pot then back at me.  Then . . it suddenly takes off running . . .man, those fat little animals can move!  Apparently it has decided to make it’s home under the deck, which explains the giant mound of dirt there and the 6-8 inch wide hole near the clothes line.  I think I need to get some sort of stick or weapon to keep by the clothsline, just in case the groundhog gets a little frisky!!

I’m thinking we also need to cover up that hole so NOR doesn’t go tumbling in.  There’s a well opening that has a ridiculously loose cap on it, (and now a giant piece of wood so NOR’s skinny butt doesn’t end up inside the well), and there’s also a sewer opening or something with a useless cap (again, covered with a giant stump.)  I’m thinking we need better systems to cover these holes, since I know NOR is going to figure out a way to move the wood!  Ahh . . .the “joys” of living in the country!


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