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Not what I was expecting September 6, 2008

Posted by Judy in Musings.

. . . .my new job, that is.  At an Open House for the school, I had q good number of interested students, but they were all from 10-13 years old.  Great kids, very enthusiastic, but teaching a pile of prepubescents is not exactly my idea of fulfilling voice lessons!  At this point, I have one student, a 13 year old boy who may or may not know how to read music.  Why you would start voice lessons, as a boy, at the age of 13 is beyond me.  The changes boys voices go through are so drastic!  Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.  If no one else signs up for lessons, though, I certainly won’t be sad.

And about the group piano classes . . . .the curriculum seems to willy nilly and unorganized!  It’s nuts!  As I was preparing for classes on Sunday I was thinking, “why the HECK are they doing things that way?”  I get that 4 adn 5 year olds have very short attention spans, but is it really necessary to leap from one topic to another totally unrelated topic and then to another only somewhat tangentially related topic all in the span of 10 minutes?  So, of course, I reorganized things, but it’s still chaotic.

I was thinking I would have to do lots of prep, but watching the training videos (which are just videos of other teachers at the academy teaching the class) made me realize that the classes are ridiculously chaotic, IMHO.   I realized my teaching perspective is skewed since my experience has been with high school students, but I’m thinking that this is more chaotic than most kindergarten or first grade classes.

Anyway, I signed the contract, so I’m stuck there for awhile.  But like I said, I won’t cry if no more students sign up.  Yeah, it’s less money, but who wants to earn money if it’s not going to be somewhat enjoyable?

Oh well, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I’m not holding out much hope!


1. Rlape - September 7, 2008

sorry that your new job was not what you expected; I hope that you find a metod that will make it less chaotic. meanwhile hang in there.

Love you

2. Judy - September 7, 2008

well, it actually turned out to be not so bad, and the little kids were cutie pies, so it should be okay, just not as fulfilling as i had hoped.

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