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Our diaper stash September 11, 2008

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.
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Once I figured out how to sew diapers, I was totally hooked and went kinda bonkers, actually.  DS has TONS of dipes, and #2 already has a sizeable stash.  I can’t help myself, they are so easy and ridiculously cute!  I’m kind of torn about how many to make for #2, though, since we don’t know how big or small it will be.  I made about 6 of the super tiny dipes (used this doll pattern to make them) just in case #2 is as small as DS was.  All of the newborn patterns I found online were GIANT!  As in, they would’ve fit DS when he was from about 3 months to about 8 months, so those obviously won’t work.  So I just modified the doll pattern, making it a little bigger, and voila.  I have about a dozen of these.  My goal is to have two dozen total.

So here are the dipes.

stash of fitted diapers

stash of fitted diapers

stash of dipes for #2

stash of dipes for #2

I also have made little fleece covers for both DS and #2.  Check out the difference in size!!  These are such a snap to make, I’m gonna wait till #2 arrives before deciding which size.

fleece covers & bummis

fleece covers & bummis

look how tiny the preemie dipe and cover (on the right) are compared to the infant size!

look how tiny the preemie dipe and cover (on the right) are compared to the infant size!

I’ve made a few wool shorties for NOR, but will wait to make any for #2 until later.

Here's his wool shortie stash

The wool shorties

We also have TONS of prefolds that we got from a very nice lady on freecycle (check it out at freecycle.org, it’s a GREAT sharing program!) and lots of plastic covers, as well.  Plus, I have lots of supplies left to make more dipes. . . somebody stop me!


1. Rlape - September 12, 2008

Wow they are really cute!

Stopppppppppppp! this is like an addiction right? menos mal es de hacer panales. ji,ji.

Good job!

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