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Diaper changing tables October 23, 2008

Posted by Judy in Musings.

Why do they have to be at the entrance of the bathrooms?  Really, does the entire world need to see LO’s “area” while being changed?  Besides, who actually wants to see poopy dipes getting changed?  I always prefer the bathrooms that have the changing tables at the back, or even better, if they are placed inside a stall.  Funny how you never think about these things till you need to use them.  Now I’m always on the prowl for places that have good changing areas and I find myself frequenting those places more than the “yucky” bathrooms.

And another thing about changing tables, sometimes they are mounted so high!  I realize I’m not exactly tall, but having to put LO’s dipe on at my eye level is, well, ridiculous!  And one more thing . . . how hard is it to mount the table so that the table actually folds down flat?  Yesterday, I went to change a dipe and the table only came down partway.  So when I laid DD on it, she was practically rolling downhill.  Obviously, I didn’t use the table and opted for the sink countertop instead.  Sheesh!


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