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EC’ing our newest addition October 23, 2008

Posted by Judy in EC adventures, Musings.

So DD is 10 days old, and is doing really well with EC.  I wasn’t going to start until she was about 2 weeks, but  I started figuring out when she was pooping, so I figured I might as well give it a shot.  The other day, she was fussing up a storm when I was giving her a new dipe.  She wasn’t rooting, so I knew she wasn’t hungry (she is ALWAYS hungry, so that is the first thing I check! LOL!)  I decided to hold her over the sink and make the cueing sound.  Miraculously, the fussing totally stopped and she was calm as could be, looking in the mirror.  Next thing I know, out comes a massive poo.  I waited a bit then cradled her in my arm, and she started fussing again.  Back into the potty-hold she went, and calm as could be while pooing a bit more.  Ever since then, she won’t really go in her diaper.  She’ll just fuss and fuss and wiggle until we take her to either a sink or hold her over her diaper.  It’s crazy how this works!  Of course, I know from experience that just because things are working well now doesn’t mean that they will continue to do so.  Every developmental milestone will bring with it adjustments of the EC process.   Probably why it’s called an EC journey!


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