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Co-sleeping . . a necessity November 17, 2008

Posted by Judy in Musings.

We are pretty big fans of the so-called “attachment parenting”, including co-sleeping.  We’ve co-slept on and off, and DS needed it over the past 17 months.  Now that DD has arrived, we’ve discovered that it is a necessity.  She a bit of a noisy sleeper, but not so much of a crier.  So the only way I know she’s hungry at night is I hear her moving around and look over to see her mouth wide open.  Obviously, I wouldn’t know this if she were in a separate room.  In addition, she doesn’t make any sounds when she’s having issues, like gagging or spitting up or other potentially dramatic events.  Maybe it’s a mommy sense, but when she’s next to me, I usually wake up when she’s choking/gagging, etc and can help her.  I’m guessing this wouldn’t happen if she were in her room.  We haven’t tested this hypothesis, but seems a little reckless to do that “experiment”.  Sooo, we are happily co-sleeping full time.  Frankly, it makes nighttime nursing WAYYY easier for tired, lazy me!  In addition, I’m pretty sure she sleeps better when we are around.  During the day when I try to put her in her own room, she doesn’t sleep half as well.  But putting aside all of the safety and convenience reasons, it’s just nice to wake up next to your LO=)


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