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Pyromaniacs December 4, 2008

Posted by Judy in Musings.

We have discovered that we are pyromaniacs . . who knew!  I always liked sitting around campfires, but had no idea I’d enjoy building fires so much.  Let me explain . . since the onset of colder weather, we’ve been using a woodburning fireplace insert to heat the house instead of the ridiculously expensive oil.  In order to keep the house warm, we have to burn wood most of the day and boy do we love whipping up a roaring fire.  And it’s great to sit infront of the stove and just watch the fire . . it’s a fascinating thing to see how fire works.  We are learning the best ways to get fires started and how to keep them roaring.  So yeah, closet pyro’s!

We’ve learned something interesting about keepin the house warm with the stove.  We initially thought that we would use a box fan to blow the air from the stove out of the room and the use the fan from the central air to circulate the warm air throughout the house.  This worked pretty well for about three weeks.  Then one day, DH forgot to leave the central air fan on . . . funny thing . . . the house seemed to stay warmer and we used less wood.  Who knew!  So now we are saving electricity since the A/C isn’t on 24/7, and we are using less wood.  Oh yeah, and we aren’t going to be spending $2000 this winter season on heating oil!  Woot woot!


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