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Rockin’ the Ruck January 3, 2009

Posted by Judy in babywearing.

Well, sort of. Can’t say that I’m a pro at the Ruck Carry, but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially for the first try! I spent lots of time reading about the carry and watching videos and picture tutes on thebabywearer.com, I think that’s what really helped me.

So DS was totally refusing to nap (he’d been goofing around in his room for like an hour!). I decided to toss him on my back to give him some non-stimulating time before trying to get him to nap in like an hour. I thought I’d be brave and try the Ruck instead of using my stand by mei tai. It took a bit of corralling (how the heck do you spell that word?) to get him on my back, but once there he was pretty calm. Got him all wrapped up and then kept fiddling with how to best tie it off. Somewhere along the way, DS totally zonked out! That has never happened in a back carry! I was in shock! Then I was really motivated to fix some of the problems so that I wouldn’t be super sore after a long nap. Sadly, he only stayed asleep for an hour, but hey, that was more than I was expecting.

So yeah, rockin’ the ruck!


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