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The magic of babywearing January 31, 2009

Posted by Judy in babywearing.

I first heard about babywearing from DH, who told me about this wrap-thing (that his Korean friend had told him about) that possessed magical qualities. Apparently, this 2 year old was wailing away, but once it was on mommy’s back in this “thing” babe stopped crying and promptly fell asleep. I thought, “wow, that’s cool, we need one of those when we have kids.” Well, we had kids and got one from said friend. I’ve never used it, because I didn’t like how it felt and looked on. But, it did get me learning about other ways to carry babies.

Recently, I’ve discovered the magic . . .. DS has taken to not falling asleep unless he’s on my back. I dump him in a wrap and within 5 minutes, he’s out like a light, at which point I lay him back in bed for the duration of his nap. Yesterday, I experienced the calming magic. I wore DS down for his VERY late nap (4pm instead of 1pm), and he woke up 45 minutes later wailing away. I went and asked if he wanted to ride on my back . . of course he signed “yes” all the while wailing away. He wailed the whole time I was wrapping him up. As soon as I had I finished tying the final knot and standing up straight, he stopped wailing and was happy as could be. Ah, the magic!


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