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The journey continues February 21, 2009

Posted by Judy in EC adventures.

We’ve been EC’ing in our household for almost 21 months now.  Much of the time, I wondered why we were still doing it, since very few of the pees and none of the poos were ending up in the potty.  But, we didn’t want to quit, and we had DD that was at the beginning of her EC journey, so it was just as easy to continue with DS.  Well, I think we’ve come close to the end of the road and may be near graduation, as it were.

Two weeks ago, I went to the library and got some conventional potty training videos, hoping that the visual image would help DS along the way.  It was the first video that was sat down to watch, and he was quite interested.  Partway through I got the idea to bring his new potty chair to the living room to see if he’d be inspired.  Sure enough, “yeah, pee pee in the potty!”  The next day, he was playing as usual in the morning.  I saw him go under the table and though “great, he’s going to poop.”  Then, I had a moment of brillance . . . . I brought his potty and put it under the table,  telling him if he needed to potty he could go there.  Well, a few minutes later he tells me he has to go, so we quick sit him on he potty, and voila!  That was a Friday.  On Sunday we gave him nakey butt time and he took himself to he potty several times.  The following week, we continued nakey butt time and got 100% of the pees in the potty.  He would get soooo excited!  He’d bring it over and say “whoa!”, then I’d make a big deal of going to the bathroom and dumping it in and flushing, so exciting for him.

The past two days have been more accident-prone, but still a success, in my book, since he got 2 poos in  the potty, up from zero. So I feel like we are close.  As it is, his in-a-diaper-full-time days are over.  He only wears them for sleeping and going out in public.  When he’s not having nakey butt time, he wears little semi-waterproof trainers that I made for him.  I’m actually contemplating trying out the trainers in public to see how that goes.

I’ve been amazed at how quickly things have gone.  It’s almost as if the only thing I had to do was set out the potty in the righ place.  But in realiy, we’ve been laying the groundwork wih DS his whole life.  Gives me encouragement for continuing the journey with DD, although that’s going less-than-spendidly at the moment.  She doesn’t signal, timing doesn’t work and I have no intuition on the mater, which leaves me with lots of inaccurate guessing.  But I keep on, hoping that one day it will click!


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