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“She’s got it, yeah, baby she’s got it” March 7, 2009

Posted by Judy in Musings.

I had an experience last week that made me realize that yes, I’ve still got it . . . . . the face of a 16 year old!  So I go into Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins to get a treat and request a sample from the very nice proprietor.  While he was concocting my milkshake, I went over to choose some donuts.  After I chose them out, he dumped in two more, “just for you”.

“Excellent!  Thanks!”, I replied.

Then I realized that he probably wasn’t just being friendly and trying to get rid of donuts at the end of the day.  Oh no, it occured to me that he was hitting on me (ick!)

So I threw in “My kids will love them!”

“What you have kids?!?!?”  Then he mumbled something about 16 or 17.  At first I thought he was saying that his kid was 16 or 17, but that totally didn’t make sense in the context of the conversation.  I figured he had probably said that I looked 16 or 17.  Anyway, he was shocked then he mumbles something like “lookin’ good”

Normally, I would have been creeped out (as well I should have been given that a 40-something man was hittting on someone he thought was a teenager.)  For some reason, I was just amused that I got two free donuts out of the deal.  For the record, I don’t look 16 . . . I don’t think . . . . I’m pretty sure I look a wee bit older than my high school students.  But I’m biased, of course!


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