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Sometimes, when you take the plunge, you drown! April 13, 2009

Posted by Judy in EC adventures.

As you may remember, we’ve been taking some big strides with DS and the EC process.  He gets nakey butt time at home and has been doing great . . . only a handful of accidents in about 6 weeks!!!  We decided to take the “no diapers in public” plunge, so he wears semi water-proof undies and either wool or fleece pants, since they are pretty absorbant.  This system had been working quite well, that is, until a few weeks ago.

We went out, and as usual, it was mayhem, with the outing taking leagues longer than planned.  So of course, DS was hungry, DD wanted to nurse and we weren’t really near any family friendly restaurants.  So we are in the Wal-Mart parking lot and DS is snacking on applesauce or something while I’m dealing with DD.  We take off to go to Taco Bell or something and I hear DD grunting and I’m thinking, “great, NOW she decides to poop!”  So I careen into another parking lot to potty her.  While there, I realize I had a moment of absent-mindedness and forgot to strap DS in!  Merrily, we’d only driven like 1/4 of a mile.  (Note to self:  maybe I should make a checklist!)

Anyway, DD was back in her seat and I went to get DS strapped in and I was like, “whoa, did you spill water on your pants or something?”  I pick him up and he is drenched, the car seat is totally soaked . . . I mean, TOTALLY soaked, through and through.  Upon further investigation . . yep, you guessed it . . .we had a complete and total undies malfunction.  Oh, I forgot to mention that BEFORE we went into Wal-Mart . . DS had drank like 8 oz of water.  I gave him two pottitunities in the store, with very littly yield.  Well, it apparently ALL came sailing out on the carseat.  Thankfully, we had some towels in the car for him to sit on, and I hung his pants out the window.

So yeah, sometimes, when you take the plunge, you drown!


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