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How beautiful it is to baby bunch May 16, 2009

Posted by Judy in Musings.

After 7 months, I am now discovering the absolute beauty of baby bunching.  (Baby bunching is having children close together, anything less than 2 years apart.)  DS (23 months) and DD (7 months) are finally at the stage where they entertain each other.  She has always followed him with her gaze, but now that she is crawling, they definitely have fun playing together.  DS loves to make his sister laugh . . not just regular laughter . . I’m talking, all out guffawing, practically snorting laughter.  At this point, I think he is doing most of the entertaining, but I can tell that he loves to spend time with her.  He shows her how to use the toys and sometimes "helps" her.  Of course, there are the times when he likes to just take the toys from her, and she has a cow!  Peace is restored, however, when I give her something else with which to play.

So what’s the beauty of baby bunching?  I can set them up in the music room with some toys and go to the kitchen to cook or do whatever, and they happily entertain themselves for a goodly amount of time.  It’s LOVELY to get a wee bit of the housework done!  Lest you think I’m totally selfish motives for baby bunching, the REAL beauty is how cute they are together . . . sitting next to each other playing, giving hugs and kisses, laying on their tummy’s looking at a book together . . . .totally priceless, and worth the dramatic and tumultuous first few months!


1. Linda - May 18, 2009

What a wonderful post!

Judy - May 18, 2009

Thank you=)

2. Molly - May 26, 2009

Our daughters are 16 months and 8 weeks right now and although the older is already madly in love with the younger, I’m SO looking forward to when they can entertain each other. I love reading that it may be coming sooner than I thought!

3. MommyNamedApril - May 26, 2009

i criiiied the first time my kids played together! it was right around that same age – i think my youngest was 6mo and the older one was 22 months when they discovered they could make each other laugh. talk about music to a mommy’s ears!!!

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