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The “miniature” project May 18, 2009

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

For some reason, about two weeks ago I decided to make cloth grocery bags. Maybe it’s that the Food Lion bags are ridiculously CHEAP! Or maybe it’s that I was casting about for another sewing project=) In any case, I found several blogs that had good tutes and decided to make several different styles. True to form, I made soem practice bags. But, not wanting to waste lots of fabric, I made miniature of all of the styles. Here’s how they turned out.

I like this style . . .kinda looks like a purse, I suppose, but since the handles are cutout, they’ll be really sturdy (i.e. will be able to hold lots of canned goods in one bag.

mini cut out exterior
cut out bag interior

This bag is the singlet style, like the regular plastic grocery/shopping bags.   Since I didn’t really measure, this one ended up really wide with handles that were too small, but the basic idea is there and I know it will work.

singlet far away
super-close up of singlet bag

The last style looks just like the reusable shopping bags you can get from stores like Whole Foods or Giant or Aldi’s . . .pretty much any supermarket will have them. I used a combination of tutes to make this one.

cloth tote/grocery bags

interesting way 2 box corners

I decided to give these to DS to store his toys. When I showed him the cutout handle bag and showed him how to use it . . . he was soooo happy! Then he says, “need more bags! need more bags!” Funny kid!


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