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Melissa & Doug June 8, 2009

Posted by Judy in Musings.

Who are Melissa and Doug?  I’m guessing that once upon a time, they were real people that actually made toys.  Or maybe they never really existed and someone thought it would be clever to have a toy company called Melissa & Doug.  In any case, they make some really great toys.  We were first introduced to this brand of toys when DS turned one . . .one set of gparents bought him this latches board.  We love that it uses actual latches and that it’s made of wood.  He loved it from the start and got on a kick where he wanted to play with it several times a day.  Several months later, a friend got him this sushi set. He has yet to play with it since we thought the smaller pieces wouldn’t be ideal for a 15 month old.  Now that he is 2, we’ll be pulling this toy out for him.

Another toy that we like quite well is this puzzle. which came to live at our house via a hand-me-down from a friend at church.  This is a great puzzle, because it is basically indestructible.  You can chew on it, throw it, etc and nothing will happen.  The pieces won’t break nor will they get soggy or bendy.

Our most recent acquisition is this play kitchen.  We haven’t actually gotten it yet, it’s ordered and on it’s way.  But, if past performance is at all indicative of future performance, this play kitchen should be amazing.  I can’t wait for it to arrive so that DS can cook up a storm!

So if you are in the market for some great toys for your kiddos, check out melissaanddoug.com . . . happy toy shopping!


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