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Michael Jackson’s passing June 26, 2009

Posted by Judy in Musings.

As I’m sure you have all heard, Michael Jackson died today.  Despite all of the media foolishness surrounding him over the past years, he still, IMHO, possessed a ridiculous amount of talent. He could sing and dance and was absolutely eclectic in his execution of both. Now, I’m not saying that he had a beautiful voice (it was certainly an interesting voice) but he could actually carry a tune.  This certainly cannot be said of soem of the performers popular today.  This really hit home as I was watching SYTYCD tonight.  The group “The Veronicas” performed and it was just bad, to put it bluntly.  One of the singers was basically just shouting and it made my throat hurt to listen to her.  So what happened to the ability to actually sing and dance?  When did that ability cease to be a necessary requirement for singers/performers?  Listening to “The Veronicas” tonight made me realize and appreciate Jackson’s talent even more.

Anyway . . . . so sad to have lost him today, right before his scheduled comeback tour.  So far it seems that people are ignoring the most recent foolishness and remembering him as a great performer.  Let’s hope that he’ll garner more respect in death than he did in the final years of his life.


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