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Some people just don’t think before speaking! July 20, 2009

Posted by Judy in babywearing.

I was at Wal-mart today (which is my LEAST favorite place to shop! ICK!) getting some prescriptions for the babes. DS was in the shopping cart, and DD was on my back in a Chunei Back Carry with one of the passes pulled over her head as she was attempting to nap. I get up to the pharmacy counter and the woman says in a snippy tone

“You have the baby’s head covered?”
“Yeah”, I replied, nonchalantly. She keeps giving me the evil eye whilst getting the prescription info ready.
And then, it happened. I’m not sure why she thought this was a good question/comment . . I’m sure she didn’t think before blurting it out.

Wait for it

. . .


wait for it



“Can she breath in there?” Now, I’ve had people as this odd question before, but I usually smiled and said yes. Today, I apparently wasn’t wearing my polite hat, because I said . .
“Do you REALLY think I would do it if she couldn’t breath? Seriously, come on! It’s like when you are sleeping and you have the covers pulled over her head, you can still breath, right? She’s prefectly safe, really.” I realized that response was probably less-than-polite, and certainly not Christ-like, I just couldn’t help myself today.

Not more than 5 minutes later, another nice lady in line behind leaned up and said, “Did you know that the baby’s head is covered up?” And she had a concerned look on her face. I said that I knew, and that she was perfectly safe, but thanks for the concern. This was a slightly better interaction.

As we were finished up our disastrous trip (disastrous for soo many reason, not limited to the babywearing commentary) an older lady in the parking lots says, “oh, you look so comfortable with the baby all wrapped up like that! Do you have two boys? Oh, a boy and a girl, how lovely for you!” What a nice change that was to hear something positive=)

I suppose that people just aren’t used to seeing babywearers, so they tend to ask what us experienced BW’ers consider to be silly questions. I really should learn to be more gentle and try to educate people. Somehow, though, I don’t really think they would be interested in the education, just wanting to put in their 2 cents about my bad parenting and then run. So, I guess I don’t feel too bad for letting that educational opportunity pass me by!!


1. lil man - July 6, 2010

i dont think folks think at all before they speak but it is wally word; not the most edumacated group 🙂

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