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Getting soft in my old parenting age July 25, 2009

Posted by Judy in Musings.

Before DS was born, we pretty much decided that we weren’t going to use many of the “normal” and “necessary” pieces of baby gear. Things such as a crib, a stroller, a pack n’ play seemed superflous. We are now almost 26 months into our journey, and we are getting soft.

It all started when I was 8 months preggo with DD. (DS was 15 months at the time.) I decided to go on a walk, so I put DS in a mei tai on my back and off I went. Well, I was super exhausted by the time I got home, but had enjoyed the walk. Realizing that I was only going to get bigger, I decided to get a cheapo umbrella stroller ($20) to use solely for walks. A few weeks later, the pastor gave us their used InStep umbrella stroller that was a big step up because it had big, all terrain wheels. So now we had two strollers. But, they were still only used when I took the bambini on walks. DS would go in the stroller and DD would go in a carrier. Actually, there were one or two times when I went to the mall and took the stroller.

Anyway, fast forward to now . . . DS is almost 26 months and DD is 9 months. We’ve gotten quite good and being out and about without a stroller, just using the baby carriers. The “problems” started when I joined a mommy group and went to a park playdate. I had a diaper bag, a picnic blanket, a water jug and two LO’s . . . .I only have two arms, so it was a trick transporting everything. Sooo, I decided to get a double stroller to use for longer outings (the zoo, the rare mall trip, etc). The kids might both ride, but if nothing else, it would give me somewhere to put all of our stuff. I have yet to buy one, and I’m sure I’ll be writing about that adventure sometime so0n.

Switching gears . . . . just last week, I decided to get a pack n’play. DD had taken to waking up in the middle of the night thinking it was time to play. She was quite happy on her own, but I couldn’t just leave her on her bed, because she would probably get into all sort of trouble all over the house. Hence, the pack n’play. I found one on Craig’s List for $20 and it was in great condition. I have yet to use it in the middle of the night. But when she decides to wake up at 6am, I can set her in there with a blanket and a toy and she’s quite happy until we are somewhat awake at 7am.

So, we now have 2 of the 3 things we never thought we’d get. We are definitely getting soft!


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