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What to look for in a double stroller July 30, 2009

Posted by Judy in Musings.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been scouring the internet and ALL of the stores in the metro area looking for the perfect side-by-side double stroller. In the process, I’ve discovered that:

1.  good strollers are EXPENSIVE!

2.  there are sooooo many options available

3.  you REALLY need to know what you are looking for B EFORE going to the store.

4.  not all strollers are sold in brick and mortar stores.

I wish that I would have been better informed before starting this process.  So if you ever find yourself looking for a double stroller, here are a few tips.

  • take the time to do much of your research online as  there are quite a few informative websites.  Two of my favs were:  babygizmo.com (great vids reviewing the strollers), strollerdepot.com (succinct info, many categories to help you narrow down the choices)
  • once you find some stollers that are of interest to you, definitely look at the manufacturer’s website
  • know what features are important to you BEFORE you go and test drive the strollers in the store
  1. maneuverability – do you want to be able to steer it with one hand?  do you want adjustable handles?
  2. width – does it matter whether or not it can fit through standard doorways?  do you want wide or narrow seats for your children?
  3. wheel size – how will you be using it?  If it’s going to be all terrain, you probably want a wheel that is 7″ or bigger.  If you’ll just be using it at the mall or around the neighborhood, big wheels aren’t important, but you do want good swivel wheels so that you can change direction quickly if need be.
  4. storage – do you need alot of storage?  is it sufficient to have a basket underneath, or do you need more (parent tray, pockets, etc.)?  how easy is to access the storage?  is the basket underneath one large basket, or is it divided, essentially being a basket under each seat?
  5. fabric care – how easy is it to wash the seats?  can they be machine washed?  is it easy to remove the seat covers?
  6. canopies – do you want a single canopy or individual canopies?  how large are the canopies and how easy are they to adjust?
  7. weight – some double strollers weigh a TON!  Keep this in mind if you will be loading it in and out of your vehicles often.  Also, some heavy strollers are VERY hard to push when loaded down.
  • if you can, test out the stroller on different k sterrain.  Most strollers will perform well in the aisles of the store, but will behave differently outdoors.  Some stores will let you take them outside and will even allow you to see how easy (or difficult as the case may be) it is to put in your vehicle.

Be prepared to look at many strollers and to change your mind several times before making a decision.  Good luck in your search!


1. Rlape - July 31, 2009

I am very sure that this info will be very helpfull to everyone that is in need of a stroller.

Now that you have all that info I beleive you will make the right choice>

Love you.


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