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Shoulder harness pads August 9, 2009

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

A few weeks back, a friend gave us their Britax carseat.  I was quite happy to take it for two reasons:  1)  it’s a Britax and 2) I really dislike our current seat.  We ended up having to replace the foam, but that was fairly easy to do and I got the carseat installed in no time.  DD seemed to like it just fine, but I noticed that her neck was red after our first trip.  This made me realize that there were no shoulder harness pads.   It struck me as very strange that a high quality carseat like Britax wouldn’t have shoulder pads!  Anyway, I whipped up a pair out of some left over fleece and they have been working like a dream every since.  No more red necks!

shoulder harness cover


1. Rlape - August 24, 2009

Did you use velcro to be able to keep them together?

Judy - August 24, 2009

No, it’s sewn together and I just undid the harness and slipped the pads on. I know, clever, right=)

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