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Our updated diaper stash September 17, 2009

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

Since I last posted pics of our dipe stash about a year ago, it has grown and grown and grown!  I’m pretty sure it’ll keep growing, since I tend to go bonkers when making dipes =) Without further ado, here are the additions to the stash. (Sorry for the blurry pics, it was either that or REALLY washed out with the flash.)

These are trainers that I made for DS. The ones on the right were made with this pattern with a few revisions and only hold a very SMALL amount of pee. The ones on the left hold MUCH more!
NOR's undies

The prefolds on the left are made out of stretch t-shirts (at least 5% lycra) and the ones on the right are flannel on top (which does a pretty good job of keeping LO’s bottom dry) and t-shirt on the bottom.
Stretchy prefolds

Back row: The first two piles are fitted dipes absorbent enough for one or two pees, great for EC! The third pile are stuffable and have microfleece as the inner layer, great for keeping bottoms dry. Front row, L to R: These are undies from The Gap . . . I added a soaker layer so that I could use them for EC. The only “not made by me” dipe we own! Bummis covers.
Size 2ish dipes

Some more wool shorties.
old and new shorties
Newborn covers, mostly made out of wool, the top left and top right are fleece. I used Katrina’s soaker pattern and then modified it to add velcro and or snaps. It was just tooooo tricky to try and get little pants on a scrawny newborn who refused to straighten her legs!!
NB fleece and wool covers

I also modified Katrina’s pattern to be long pants with snaps . . . .it only sort of worked.
velcro opening longies - openvelcro opening longies - closed

These are the dipes we use for overnight. The top row are stuffable dipes made from cut up high quality prefolds (as in, NOT the kind you get at Wal-Mart) and either microfleece or t-shirts for the inner layer. The bottom row are my basic stuffables with microfleece inner and t-shirt outer.
overnight dipes


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