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Should I or shouldn’t I? October 31, 2009

Posted by Judy in babywearing, Sewing projects.

I’ve been making baby carriers for almost as long as I’ve been using them, 2+ years.  I started out with simple stretchy wraps (these were great because they required zero sewing!).  Then I made a ring sling (which has since been taken apart and the rings repurposed for a much better version.)  I then tried my hand at woven wraps, but failed miserably due to poor fabric choice.  It would be another 12-15 months before I got this figured out.  My next carrier was a mei tai, and I’ve pretty stuck with mei tais since then.  I have made an onbu, but I can’t say that I’m all that excited about how that turned out, so I most likely won’t be making any more of those.  But back to the mei tais . . . . .I’ve made five different kinds of mei tais.  Now that I’m typing that number, it doesn’t seem like that many, but I have gotten MUCH better at making mei tais!

Anyway, so the question running around in my mind is “Should I make mei tais to sell?”  At the moment, I have two in the works, one for my SIL and the other for a friend.  I’ll be using my own pattern, which includes what DH and I think is an innovation.  At this point, I’m not thinking that this would be a very big business at all, maybe 2-3 mei tais a month.  (Hey, I have two small ones, time is super scarce!)  DH and I haven’t completely worked out the details, but we do have a name for the business and have contemplated a business model.  But I’m still not totally sure whether or not I want to do it.  I’m thinking maybe I’ll set things up so that I could do the business if I wanted to.  Who knows, just an idea I’m kicking around in my head.  Of course, my SIL thinks the mei tais are great and thinks I should sell them to all of her friends back in Germany!  For now, I’m just working on perfecting my design and looking around for good fabric suppliers and trying to decide how much I should sell them for in order to make it worth my while.  So many things to think about!  So should I or shouldn’t I?


1. Rlape - November 15, 2009

Practice makes perfects!

Many people who have ideas, start small and then they get in full blown selling their idea. So you ask should I, then I say why not?
Love you

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