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The day after the storm December 21, 2009

Posted by Judy in Musings.
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On Saturday, much of the East Coast got slammed with a whole lot of snow.  Here in our little neck of the woods, we got about 16 inches . . . just a bit shy of the 20 that were forecast.  Today was a beautiful day . . . wall to wall sunshine and untouched snow as far as the eye could see.  I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take pictures of the scenery, and of course, I just had to share it.  (You can click on the collages to see bigger versions.)

To put things in perspective, here’s our 30 gallon metal trashcan . . . almost completely buried.

This first set of pics was taken at around 7:30 this morning, just at the very end of the sunrise.

Once the sun was fully out, around 10ish, I took more pics.

Our neighbors have a Christmas tree farm, so picturesque all covered in snow.  The big tree in the middle is in our yard.  I just thought it looked like the perfect Christmas tree.

This last collage was taken about an before sundown, and it’s my favorite set.

One final picture . . . check out the thin shelf of snow, just hanging out over the play castle.  How cool is that?!


1. Pat Castillo - December 21, 2009

Wow! You really are “out there”, huh? I didn’t see much civilization around! 🙂 But you’re right–the snow looked beautiful and you DO have the perfect Christmas tree!!! I’m assuming the kids played in it–any pictures of that?

Enjoy the snow! 🙂

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