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A change in plans March 19, 2010

Posted by Judy in Musings.
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So I had to make a change in my washing machine workout today.  After the Calgon step (I decided to go with a full cap instead of just 1/2 a capful), I thought to see if the dipes smelled fresh and clean . . . not so much!  Grrrr!  The same stink was there . . gross!   So I ran another hot wash with a GOOD amount of Tide and then another hot rinse.  (And yes, I used a boatload of water today!  Yikes!)

By this time is was around 11:30am . If I would have soaked for 4 hours, there would have been no sunshine left.  So I opted to go ahead and hang them out right then.  After 3 hours of good ol’ sunshine, I brought them in and did the “kill anything left” step.

I just dumped them in the dryer and they smelled so clean . . .FINALLY!  Keeping my fingers crossed that the same old smell won’t creep back in while drying!


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