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It worked, somewhat April 2, 2010

Posted by Judy in Musings, parenting.

Remember my campaign to de-stinkify the dipes? Well, I think it worked, sort of.  It definitely got rid of the seriously gross smell that had been going on for a little while, which was the whole point.  The undies/trainers are all still fine, no stinkies there.  The overnight dipes are starting to get funny smelly, but not knock-you-over-dead-gross.  My new routine is to rinse them out as soon as they get taken off in the morning and soak them in a water for a few hours before dumping them in the diaper pail.  This is in the hopes of getting most of the pee off, you know, so they won’t be marinating in pee for a few days! Ha!  Anyway, then when it’s time to wash, I use a goodly amount of powdered Tide Free as well as a scoop of oxygen bleach.  I’m hoping this will keep things under control.  We’ll see . . stay tuned.  I know, fascinating stuff, right=)


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