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Living on the edge May 16, 2010

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

My original intent after getting the Singer 503A was to clean it up, like I had the 201-2, but this time I was going to give it a go without any instructions.  Such would not be the case.  When I opened up the machine, it was a fair bit more complex looking than the 201-2, (which makes sense since it was made a good 20 years later) and I just wasn’t brave enough.  So I DID look at a manual for a similar machine and followed it, but only loosely.  I ended up with LOTS of parts and a did get them back together without any major casualties.  Well, okay, I DOO have a giant screw that is homeless, but the machine still works, so that’s okay, right?  But maybe next time I’ll be less edgy=)

I also cleaned it up, since it had YEARS of gook and grime built up.  The following pics don’t really do the clean-up job justice.  I guess you can see a difference, it just is more dramatic in real life.  Maybe if I was actually a photographer I’d have better pics to share=)


1. Lita - May 16, 2010

oops! missing a screw Ha? well sooner or later you will find out where does it go.
wow! lots of part.
I am glad it works.

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