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Suckered into it May 16, 2010

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

Remember how I mentioned that I looked at a sewing machine that was less-than-impressive?  Well, I REALLY wanted the monogrammer that came with it, and the lady made a decent offer (monogrammer, machine and table), so I ended up getting the machine . .. . a Singer Golden Touch and Sew 750.  Now, these machines have been not-so-affectionately named:  Cuss and Sew, Touch and Swear, Don’t Touch cuz they Don’t Sew . . . you get the point.  And if you’ll remember, the wise people on the Vintage Singer Yahoo group stated that it would be a pain to fix the needle hitting the hook problem.    Yet, I still ended up with the machine.  The plan was that DH was going to fix it so that I could do other things.  Well, I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to fix up a machine, so I bought a repair manual online and got to work.

I was told that I would probably have to replace the timing belt, which would involve taking the machine almost completely apart.  Wisely, I took before pics, just in case something went terribly wrong.

Since it was a big project, I had all of my tools laid out . . . noone wants to keep running to the garage to get a tool, ya know?  Anyway, here are all of the pieces I took out, which seems like less than I removed from the 503A, EXCEPT that this time, I removed the main shaft.  See that long, skinny thing in the lower right?  Well, the machine absolutely won’t work without that, it’s what makes pretty much everything go.

All of my tools, and yeah, I used most of them=)

Well, I got it all taken apart and took a gander at the timing belt . . .. it looked just fine.  Sooo, I put it back together, did one other relatively easy timing fix and voila!  It worked!  But after taking it apart I realized that I really DIDN”T want to keep this machine . .. too many plastic parts and WAYYY too finicky for my purposes!

So I guess it wasn’t all a loss . . . .I learned more about how sewing machines work, I got the monogrammer, and I also got a very nice table.  It didn’t look all that great until I hit it with some Pledge Orange Oil and put the black 201-2 in it . . . wowzers!  I’ll have to post pics of that in a different post!


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