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Third time’s the charm May 29, 2010

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

My sewing area has been a bit chameleonish for the past two months, undergoing two big reorganizations.  And now, it’s receiving it’s third change.  I’m hoping this will be the last, but somehow I doubt it!

If you’ve missed the past few posts, I’ve acquired quite a few sewing machines since the last transformation, so of course, the space had to be rejiggered, once again.  I’ll spare you ALL the details, since it’s kinda confusing.  But, I ended up with three machines, each in a cabinet, with none being in the original cabinets they came in.  Clear as mud?=)  I’m quite pleased with how the area turned out . ..  the work flow is quite good and the whole space is starting to look better and better!

Let’s start with the cutting table . . . sadly, it just didn’t fit in the actual space, but it’s just outside the space and quite accessible.

Then the actual “place where I sew” configuration got totally changed.  DH had the great idea to shape it into an “L”.  So practical, not sure why it didn’t cross my mind!  So next to the wall is the sewing desk with the 503 (aka Rocketeer) sitting atop. This was slated to be the back-up zigzag. It may end up being the main zigzag machine since the 401 is acting up. Next is the 201-2 in a walnut cabinet. This is the main straight stitch machine, because it is AWESOME! Making up the short part of the “L” is the 401 in the Singer 24 cabinet

As a reminder, here’s what the space looked like before.

And the after pics (sorry about the darkish pics  . . I’m a musician and a seamstress, not so much a photographer!):

The sewing area in it’s normal state, with the 401 in the cabinet

The sewing area when the 401 is in use

The 401 in the Singer 24 cabinet

The 201 in the walnut cabinet

I think the black looks pretty stunning against the walnut

The Rocketeer in the sewing desk

And the entire sewing area!


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