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A deal too good to pass up June 19, 2010

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

Several weeks ago, I was trolling CL to try to find a bday gift for our son.  I happened to see an ad for a 201-2 for $50!!  Whoa!  That’s super cheap!  After talking it over with DH, we decided that it would be good to have a back-up straight stitch machine for the business and this was just the ticket.  I contacted the seller, and several days later we were on our way to pick up the machine.  He had bought it from an estate sale about 5 years earlier, and it had sat in his garage ever since then.  I really liked the desk that it was in, and the machine looked decent.  It did run rather sluggishly, but  I figured a good cleaning would cure that.  Besides, he had lowered the price to $35!  And while searching t hruogh the drawers, I discovered a zigzagger attachment!  Woot!  Woot!

Into the truck it went and we zoomed home to start cleaning it up.  After working on it for several days, I finally got it working quite nicely and got it all shined up.  I did decide to sell it, since the chances of my other 201-2 falling apart were SUPER slim.  Since I really liked the desk, I decided to keep the desk but sell the machine.  I had another desk that I was selling separately, so I joined the two together (which was no small task) and we were in business.

I took before and after pics.  You’ll notice that these look like your typical before and after dieting or make-over pics.  You know, in the before pic, the people always look terrible and then they get all spiffied up for the after pic?  Ha!



So it’s currently listed on CL and Ebay classifieds, and I’m hoping to be able to find it a good home!


1. Lita - June 20, 2010

Wow it turned out pretty good!
Hope you are able to sell it.

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