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My birthday gift June 20, 2010

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

I’ve still been trolling CL, just to see what’s out there and because it’s just fun.  I happened to see a sewing desk that I really liked, and it was only $25.  I thought “aha, here’s what I can do with my birthday money!”  So I bought it, and yes, it came with a machine:  Singer Touch and Sew 640.  Not a great machine, IMHO since there are many plastic components.  But it did work quite well when I tested it out.  Basically, it’s a more modern version of the 401, with plastic parts.

The table was originally maple or oak or something, and the lady I bought it from painted it in black, which I quite like.  She also recovered the chair, so it’s a nice looking little ensemble.  My original idea was to use it as an actual desk, storing the computers and other stuff there, but after actually getting the table, I realized that wasn’t going to work.  So, it’s going to remain a sewing desk, that will live right next to DS’s sewing machine.


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