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Third time WASN’t the charm June 20, 2010

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

I’m sure you knew this post would be coming . . .. . yep, I’ve changed things in my sewing area, yet again!  And yes, I did get another machine!

You are probably wondering what the heck I’m going to do with all of these machines and tables . . . . . keep the stuff that will serve me well in my personal and business sewing, and then try to sell everything else.  In trying to decide what to sell, I of course got all of the machines cleaned up and working.  I was testing out my old Kenmore – which came from DH”s grandmother and was the machine I learned to sew on – and realized, “hey, this machine ain’t half bad!”

Then, as I got to really looking at it, I realized that it had alot of stitches that are really useful (triple stitch, 3-step zigzag,) that I had no idea were there.  Plus, it’s an all metal machine, so quite sturdy.  After making that discovery, I just couldn’t get rid of it, so I decided to keep it.  That meant that something else had to go, since the old Kenmore had been on the “to sell” list.

The 401 had been giving me some trouble, and it was louder than the Rocketeer (503), so I contemplated getting rid of that one and keeping the 640.  (I know, seems like lunacy to keep a plastic machine over a metal machine.)  For some silly reason, it didn’t occur to me to keep the 401 and sell the 640, at least not until much later.  Good thing, huh?

Anyway, then came the switcheroo.  The Rocketeer moved from it’s original desk

to the desk that came with the second 201-2.  (If you remember, I had moved the second 201-2 into another cabinet, which left this one free and was housing the 401.  Confused yet?!)

Then the 401 moved out of the desk and into my birthday gift desk in the living room, which booted the 640 out into the “for sale” pile.

The old Kenmore then went into the original sewing desk.  I had to remove the knee lever and drill a few holes so that the machine could be mounted in the cabinet, but I got it to work.  The nice thing is that now I can actually close the machine into the desk (something I couldn’t do with the Rocketeer), which gives me more surface area in the sewing area!!

PHEW!!  I’m on the lookout for a Featherweight, so that may change things yet again.  But, I’m not planning on getting anything other than that, at least not right now=)


1. Heather - July 17, 2010

Ha, ha!!! I can relate…i have 3 big machines (a Singer, Kenmore and a Brother), 2 mini-sergers and a plastic janome. What I don’t have is the tables for them, so they’re in their cases and I put on TV table or dining room table as needed.

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