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VBE! September 10, 2010

Posted by Judy in babywearing.

So it’s almost official . . . I’m a VBE!  “What is THAT?!”, you ask?  Volunteer Babywearing Educator.  You have to answer some questions about your background and babywearing, and then you have to do a skills test.  Paperwork has been done for a while, and  did the skills test today.  Basically, I had to show that I knew how to do a front, back and hip carry in all of the carrier types:  pouches, ring slings, mei tais, soft-structured carriers, and wraps.  So now the tester just has to turn in the “she passed!” paperwork to BWI (babywearing international), and then it’ll be fully official!

What does this mean for me?  It means I can hold babywearing meetings, teach others to use carriers, and I’m covered under the BWI insurance, just in case something went awry.  Next step?  Get with the other local VBE and get some meetings started in our area!  Yahoo!


1. Lita - September 10, 2010

Soooooooo Volunteer Babywearing Educator Ha ? That is grrrrrrrr8!
Good luck!

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