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Within arms reach January 8, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

On Christmas Day, we received an email with good news . . . news that we didn’t see until the message was read over a week later.  (What can I say, it was vacation and DH didn’t look at his email at all.)   We were VERY happy to discover that yes, there IS a pie in the sky!  Even though I was thrilled, it still seemed unreal.  Unreal, that is, until today, when I booked our hotel suite for our week-long house hunting expedition to “the homeland” as DH calls it=)  Once it was booked I felt like finally, after a year and a half, our dreams were within arms reach.  Rather than wistfully searching for houses on Craigslist, I can look for real.  Rather than looking at the cost of renting a truck, “just for fun”, I can look for real.  It’s exhilarating and crazy and scary all at once.  Scary because we only have 2 months to get our affairs in order and packaged up, which is going to be a trick, what with the three little humans afoot.  But you know, we’ve been praying for this for a year and a half, and God has finally opened the door, so I know that He’ll find a way for us to get everything worked out.  Huzzah!


1. Pat - January 22, 2011

OK–so I’m late to the party…where are you going? Where is the “homeland”? 🙂

Judy - January 29, 2011

Back to Illinois=) Never thought I’d say that it was the “homeland”!

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