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Holding the line February 16, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

We are moving.  Have I mentioned that before?  (*happy dance *happy dance*)  This means we are getting rid of stuff that hasn’t been used in a while.  If I want to sell it, I usually list it on Craigslist.  Free stuff goes on Freecycle.  So I listed an item on CL, got someone that was interested, and she agreed to come at 11am today.  The item was a Rubbermaid garage wall unit, similar to this one, just an older version.

It was listed for $10, pretty cheap, or so I thought.  So the lady leaves her car running and comes to the front door, I guess she didn’t see me open the garage.  I open the front door and say “hi” and wait for her to say who she was and what she wanted.  (I had two other people coming to either purchase something or pick up something for free.)  She starts pushing her way in, “I’m here for the shelving unit.”  Maybe it’s just me, but it struck me as rude to just shove your way into someone’s home.  I’m not a big person, at all, but I held my ground and politely told her to please go around to the garage, which was open.

We get to the garage, I show her the item . . .

She looks it over, presses on the shelf, looks at the front and back . . .honestly, I’m not sure what she was looking at/for, it’s your basic wall cabinet, nothing special, just a sturdy cabinet in good condition.  I figure she is just being thorough and so I patiently wait.

“Will you take less for it?”

“No.”  I was rather surprised at my directness, and so I then felt the need to explain why.  “It’s a good, sturdy shelf.”

She stands there for a minute, and I have a twing of remorse, thinking “I NEED this out of my house!  Just let it go for less.”  Instead, I ask, “Is there something wrong with it?”

To which she replies, “No, I just don’t know how much these cost new.”

Well, I didn’t know at that time, either, but I assumed that $10 would NOT get you a cabinet.

So I confidently said, “New will run you around 50 bucks.”    As it turns out, a new cabinet can be anywhere from $85 to about $150!

“Well, let me see what I have.”  She says this while getting her purse ready.

I’m thinking, ‘Lady!  The ad said $10.  It’s only TEN bucks, for a good cabinet.  Besides, if you said you wanted to buy it, why wouldn’t you come with the correct amount of money?  Let me see what I have.  PSHAW!”  (It’s a good thing my inner monologue doesn’t get let out very often, it’s never a pretty sight!)

She hands me a ten dollar bill, after “searching” around for a bit.  (eyeroll)  I thanked her, then turned and went back into the house, closing the garage door as I went.

I mean,really, what was she hoping to buy it for?  $8? $5? $3?  I thought $10 was low enough, almost to the point of being ridiculous.  Apparently, she wasn’t of the same opinion.

So I held the line, and felt good about my little victory.  Hey, you gotta enjoy those little moments and victories!


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