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Ready for spring! February 17, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

I toyed with calling this post “Stink bugs suck!”, but I figured that “ready for spring!” was much nicer.  Make no mistake, stink bug DO suck.  They are just gross and creepy, and ubiquitous!  Yuck!  But, back to spring.

Monday was positively glorious.  We went out for a walk (the first time in about a month, thanks to the snow) at around 11am and it was about 55 degrees.  Man, was that NICE!  The breeze was wonderful, the sun was shining . . .it was lovely.  I was talking to the kiddies about how great the weather was and lamenting the fact that we couldn’t take a spontaneous trip to the park as we had no car.  We also talked about the fact that our new house was going to be within walking distance of two parks, and that we’d try and go to one of them every day.  Anyway, it was a lovely walk and made me itchy, itchy, itchy for spring.

We walk back into the house, and it’s roasting in there because we’d left the fire going.  We head to the kitchen and I see a stink bug, no two, no three, wait, they are EVERYWHERE!  There was a pile that had fallen into a bowl in the sink, another pile around the sink, a TON around the recessed light fixture.  I kid you not, I spent HALF AN HOUR catching bugs!  The kids were quite entertained and grossed out, all at once.  There was alot of yelling and screaming going on.  “Mommy!  Another stink bug!”  At one point, I was trying to catch one above my head, and it fell to the floor.  I, of course, yelled, and was then promptly reminded of another mom who had a similar experience, but with a black widow.

I realized that the bugs must be coming in from the light fixtures, so I had to cover them up, and then try to round up the rest of the bugs.  After working for half an hour, here’s what I ended up with . . .

The bugs

The covered lights



Once they were covered, the number of bugs was greatly reduced.  In fact, when I was sitting at my computer later, I kept hearing “thunk”, “thunk” . . . bugs hitting the paper . . . had I not covered the lights, those bugs would have been sitting on my keyboard!  Yuck!


1. Heather - February 17, 2011

Bless your heart, darling. Better you than me!!! I had hoped the fairly cold winter would have frozen those critters out! Hope your new home will be in a less istink bug-infested area!!!

2. Anjali - February 17, 2011

Holy Moly! I have never heard of a stink bug before, but those look freaky. Glad you found out where they were coming from! In a house I lived in years ago, bees were coming in through the vent over the stove. I just sealed it up with packaging tape and stopped cooking! LOL. Those were the days 😉

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