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Exhaustation March 3, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

A few weeks back, I was talking with a friend for whom English is not her first language. She has this fabulous way of getting words all wrong and making up some good ones in the process. I think “exhaustation” is much more fun to say than “exhaustion”, so I’m adopting it=)

So yes, I am feeling exhaustation. We are T minus 11 days to move day, which leaves only 9 days to get everything packed up. We really are in pretty good shape, with many, many boxes already packed. But when I look around, I still see lots to do. The biggest thing is going to be getting my fleet of sewing machines packed away. Plain old packing peanuts and bubble wrap won’t do the trick to keep 35 pounds of cast iron metal from crashing through a box. I’ll be following suggestion from several different website to package up the machines, and I’m expecting each machine to take anywhere from 1-2 hours!

As you can probably imagine, packing with small children in two can be tricky. Fortunately, my kiddies have been pretty helpful, the love filling in the little spaces in boxes with packing peanuts! But, they also have a pretty short attention span, so they run off fairly quickly. Either that, or they start spreading peanuts everywhere, and then the 7 month old thinks it’s a fun idea to eat them. All of this results in fairly low productivity.

Even so, we have made progress, it’s just slow going and we pretty spend the entire day packing. Thankfully, the kids have been great, they are super excited about packing, so I don’t feel so bad packing all day rather than playing. I just think of it as a different learning experience for them.

I’m looking at my list of things to get packed today, and it’s quite long . . probably unrealistic, but at least it helps to have some sense of direction. When I’m this exhaustationed (like my new word!!), I sort of wander aimlessly and waste lots of time unless I have some direction. So, the long list will keep me focused, until someone tries to eat a packing peanut, or someone else messes up the taping machine, again, or someone else scribbles all over themselves with a sharpie . . .. . . sigh . . . . . complete exhaustation.


1. Lita - March 6, 2011

Wow I can’t believe only a few days left! I am sure with your organization you will be able to reach your goal. I know it can be very exhausting, I have had my share of packing . Love you.

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