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The Money Pit March 5, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

Remember that movie from the 80’s, starring Shelley Long and someone else, maybe Steve Martin? Hmm . . .maybe it wasn’t them at all. (A quick check of Wikipedia revealed that it was Tom Hanks.) Anyway, as I recall, they bought a house and it immediately started falling apart. Just when one thing was getting fixed, another thing would go wrong, and they had to keep sinking money into it. Basically, it was a dump.

Well, I’m thinking we are in a similar situation. We moved into this house, thinking it would be pretty good for us, and kept finding things that were either wrong or weird or just plain annoying. Some things we fixed, others we just dealt with and ignored. After being here for almost three years, and now that we are NINE days from moving (WOOT WOOT!), it seems like “Money Pit” pretty well sums up the joint. The main difference is that we are renting, so most of the issues are really not our problem, which makes our situation much better, and probably less comical than that of the characters in the 80’s film.

In any case, I’ll be quite happy to drive away and never look back. And, since we are already married, there will be no nuptials taking place at the front door!


1. R - March 7, 2011

Having spent far too many years in a money pit of my own, I feel for you! Good luck with the last few days of packing…and then…the joy of the new place! Safe travels! *hugs*

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