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Top 10 reasons we are ready to bust out of this house March 8, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings, Sewing projects.

It’s no secret that we are moving, and probably even less of a secret that we are pretty excited about it. Here are ten reasons why . . . .

10.The layout is just weird and impractical
9. The bathroom counters are ridiculously low, even for short, little me!
8. Power that goes out for no apparent reason
7. A basement filled with dead bugs and unidentifiable animal poop
6. Ubiquitous cobwebs, regardless of how much you clean
5. A mouse, or several, live in the walls of our bedroom.
4. Some of the mice die in the walls . . . and then it stinks . . . for weeks
3. The windows are leaky, leaking air and bugs
2. The mice leave their poop in our kitchen
1. It’s a money pit


1. Lita - March 8, 2011

hate mice,cobweb, stinky room and etc. etc. etc. yikes!!!!!!!!!!!

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