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She’s big in Panama March 24, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

Have you ever read the bios of performers?  I find them to be quite amusing, and read them with a large grain of salt.  A good bio will make you look good, even if you have a paltry number of performances under your belt.  I’ve written my share of bios for programs and such, and have been tempted to say “she’s big in Panama”, but never have, realizing that it would need too much explanation, much more than could fit in the program notes.  Merrily, this is my blog and not program notes, so you get an explanation=)

Anyone remember David Hasselhoff (Knight Rider, Baywatch)?  A few years back, someone wrote a bio or was introducing him on a TV show or something, and they said “he’s big in Panama”, which struck friend and as as totally hilarious.  It came off sounding like Panama thought he was great, but the US, well, that was a different story.  Anyway, fast forward a year or two  . . . . I’m heading off on a plane, to Panama, to give a concert to benefit a group that gave scholarships to students.  It really wasn’t a huge deal as far as gigs go.  It was all sorts of fun to do, but lets just say it’s not something that would stand out on a resume.

Fast forward another few months and I’m working at the high school, doing an all day assembly (each hour different classes came in) with the choirs.  This particular hour, we didn’t have a choir class, but for some reason we still offered an assembly.  Sooo, I had to perform a bit and some other stuff happened.  When my co-worker was introducing me, she said something about being an “international performer”, referring to the gig in Panama.  After the assembly, my friend came over and said, “hey, you’re big in Panama!” and cracked up laughing.  (As I’m re-reading this, I’m realizing that this is probably only hilarious and interesting to Mel and I . . . alas!)

So apparently I’m big in Panama.

I hadn’t really thought about it again until a few weeks ago, when I posted about exhaustation. For some reason, still unbeknownst to me, that post got TONS of hits in a very short amount of time.  In three days, it had over 100 views!  DH and I joked that exhaustation must be some code word in the porn world.  I googled the word, and discovered that many, many people thing it’s actually a word, but that didn’t explain why I had so many hits.  {shrug}

So that led me to check out the overall stats for my blog and I saw that my boxing corners tutorial had oodles of hits, being the most popular post on the blog.  Basically, at least 1-2 people have looked at that post every day for the past two years!  I was curious to know how people found the post.  I still don’t know, for sure.  But, if you google “boxing corners” and hit “I’m feeling lucky” . . ..  yeah, you get me=)

So, apparently, I’m big in Panama=)


1. R - March 26, 2011

…and deservedly so! 🙂

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