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Frederick, or bust! March 26, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

If you’ve ever moved, you know that the last minute stuff seems to take FOREVER to get packed! The movers arrived at about 9:30am, and finally finished loading at around 7pm. Yeah, we have ALOT of stuff, but there were only two guys loading (the other people in the crew were sick). It worked out fine, though, since we still had stuff to pack. Can you believe it? We were still packing up boxes and taking down shelves on the very day that the movers were loading us up! We managed to stay just ahead of them, so all was wel. But I was just so surprised that we still managed to be working our butts off all day, in spite of the fact that we’d done nothing but back the day before, and I’d been packing for about 4 weeks before that! Totally nuts!

Our original plan had been to leave as soon as the movers were done loading, which we figured would be around 3ish or so. Well, that clearly didn’t happen, since they left around 7:30pm. And we still had a bunch of stuff to pack up. It was all stuff that we had been planning on loading up in our vehicles, but still, it had to be packed. Plus, DH’s car had to be loaded onto the trailer. Apparently, the brakes went bonkers and rusted together or something, because one the tires wouldn’t spin, it just dragged along. Clearly, we weren’t going to be able to push the car up onto the trailer with a gimp wheel. So DH used a ratchet thing to SLOWLY get the car loaded up. I think it took about an hour or a bit more. I was SOOOO tired, I just wanted to sleep, but didn’t feel like sleeping while he was working away. Oh yeah, did I mention that it was about midnight or so when we started working on the car?

Once the car was loaded onto the trailer, we were faced with the dilemma of whether to sleep in the empty house, or just go. If we stayed, then we wouldn’t have to wake up the kiddies, but then we’d be stuck sleeping on the floor (good for DH, bad for me), and then we still wouldn’t get out the door in any speedy fashion. If we loaded up and took off, well, we were both tired, so we wouldn’t get very far, and we’d have to wake up the kiddies.

Any guesses as to what we decided to do? Yeah, we busted outta there. The thing that clinched it for me was the mouse. That stupid mouse! I was sitting on the floor, resting, and waiting for DH to finish up with his car, and I hear the mouse scratching in the wall. It was soooo loud! At that very moment I made up my mind, come hell or high water, we were getting out of there that night!

So, we loaded up all of the rest of our belongings into the truck and car, woke up the kiddies, got them into the cars, and said “Sayonara, house!” The clock on the car said 2:42 am.

As I mentioned, we were REALLY tired, so we didn’t get very far, 22 miles, to be exact. But let me tell you, those 22 miles were ROUGH! We were both fighting sleep and were quite happy to get to the hotel. It sort of seemed silly to stay in a hotel in Frederick, especially since we went to Frederick rather often to go shopping, and it was only 22 miles from the house. But, it was 22 miles from the house, which is to say, it wasn’t the house and we were 22 miles closer to being in our new home.

We made the best of it. . . we got some food from McDonald’s, took our time getting ready in the morning, had a leisurely breakfast, I made some address changing phone calls while DH took the kids to play mini golf in the hotel. . . it was quite nice. We left around noonish and managed to get about 250 miles down the road before stopping for the day. There were some rough patches for me . . I’d only gotten 3 hours of sleep, so I was pretty tired. But, God was good and kept us all safe!


1. HeatherG - March 26, 2011

Packing ALWAYS takes longer than we expect!! Now you have the unpacking and settling in to face!! Better you than me!

Sorry we didn’t get to meet while you were in my back yard!! Wishing you all the best in your new locale. Maybe I’ll get a chance to visit out there!

BTW, do you think you’ll make the family reunion in Panama? God willing I’ll be there.

Judy - March 26, 2011

I was thinking that it was a bummer that we never got together! You are more than welcome in our home=) I doubt we’ll make it to the reunion in Panama. Something about international travel with 3 small children just seems a wee bit nightmarish to me!

2. Lara - March 26, 2011

Wow Girl!!! I am so tired just reading this. And you didn’t mention all the sore muscles which I am sure you have, as well. I am so happy for you. I know how good it feels to finally drive away after all that, and in your case even MORE so since you didn’t even like the house!!! Keep us posted on your new adventures!

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