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13,580 March 30, 2011

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

This number is really unremarkable.  I’m betting that if I say this number to you, nothing will come to mind other than “yeah, what of it?”  I’m also sure that this number will always be stuck in my head . . .. because that is how much STUFF we have.  Indeed, even though we got rid of lots of stuff, we still came in over the estimated weight.  Can you believe it, we have 13,580 POUNDS of stuff!  I realize that things like washers and dryers, pianos, dressers, couches, dining room tables and hutches are all heavy, but sheesh, that just seems like alot.  And here’s the think, we moved out of a 1800 sq foot house, so not exactly huge.  I can only imagine how many pounds of stuff people who live in 5000 sq foot houses must have!  Yikes!


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