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Dividends April 4, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

Living close to everything and having DH work from home is already paying out dividends.  Several days ago, I took the kiddies over to the pedi’s office to sign a records transfer request.  It was supposed to be a quick trip, given that it was only two minutes away.  Notice I said “supposed.”

When I had started the truck, I noticed that we were really low on gas, and the indicator needles were doing this weird jumpy thing, which stopped once the truck had been on for about 15 seconds.  I figured it was because we were low on gas.  So we zoomed off to the doc’s office, and the same thing happened when we got in the car to go buy gas.  Off to the gas station we went, bought some gas, and then went to Burger King (the LO’s were hungry.  I realize that we were less than 2 minutes from home, but we decided this would be the last time we got snack from a drive through.)  DS decided he wanted ice cream (yes, I know, not exactly healthy, no rotten tomatoes, please!), which was messy, so I didn’t want him to eat it while driving.  I made the mistake of pulling into a parking spot and stopping.

We merrily munched on our snack for about 10 minutes.  I went to start the truck, CLICK CLICK CLICK.  It wouldn’t turn over.  “Uh oh, battery is dead.”  Had we still been in Maryland, I would have been up a creek without a paddle.  “But your aren’t in Maryland, anymore!” you say.  And to that I say, “Huzzah!”  I called DH and within about 10 minutes, he was there with the other car to jumpstart the car.  (If you are wondering why it took him that long, he had to finish up a little thing at work.)

So, yes, we’ve been here less than two weeks and the dividends are already starting to roll in.  I’m looking forward to collecting even more in the coming weeks, months, and even years!


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