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Ahhh, the Midwest April 5, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.
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We’ve been back in the Midwest for about three weeks now. The first two weeks were filled with unpacking and getting settled, while the third week was filled with very sick kiddos and hubby, so I haven’t REALLY felt like I was back in the midwest. Sure, I could drive 2 minutes down the road and be totally surrounded by cornfields, but I could get that back East, too. The air is certianly different, and the sky has a different look to it out here, but for all practical purposes, I could have been pretty much anywhere.

That all changed this morning. As I was puttering about the house, I heard this sound, strangely familiar, but not immediately recognizable. It took my brain about 15 seconds to reach back into the depths of memory and fish out the info:

-first Tuesday of the month
-10 am
-loud sound

Right! The tornado sirens! I jumped out and rushed the kids to the door … “Come on guys, I want you to hear something!” Upon opening the door, we were met with the very loud tornado sirens. The kids were very curious about the sound, and so we had a little lesson on tornados, their danger, and what to do in the event of a tornado. For a brief moment, I felt a bit panicked, “Oh no! What if there’s a tornado!” Pshaw! Been away three years and losing my Midwest skin already?! Since the thought lived in my brain only but a moment, I allowed myself to believe that my “tornado schmornado” skin was still intact.

My 3.5 year old was very interested in finding out more about tornadoes, so I turned to youtube and found a few vids. Then, I found the pot of gold . . . a train being derailed by a tornado. What could be better? Pretty much nothing if you are three and are fascinated by trains and newly fascinated by tornadoes!

I can’t remember when tornado season is on full swing, I’m thinking either spring or fall. Guess I’d better get the crawlspace de-yuckified and get our tornado box put back together. (Food, blankets, battery operated radio, etc.)

Ahhhh . . .. the midwest!


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