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I’m a nerd. April 5, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

Before moving, the kids and I worked on a fun little project.  We went around the house and measured every single piece of furniture that we had, bookcases, sewing table, couches, toy kitchens . . . if it took up at least 8 square inches of floor space, we measured it.

Next, we (I) sat down with a piece of paper and calculator and scaled all of the measurements. One inch equaled two feet. Out came the yellow felt, and I cut out little rectangles and squares representing the different pieces of furniture. Last step, cutting out felt pieces to represent the scaled rooms. I took the floor plan of the new house, scaled those measurements, cut out the felt pieces, then sewed lines every inch.

Now we were ready to start playing. The furniture got sorted by what room it was going in, and then we fiddled with different arrangements. The kids really only helped with their playroom, I did the rest since they really didn’t care=)

My little diagram actually turned out to be quite handy on move in day. DH and I were busily puttering about doing things in the new house and watching the kiddies. The movers would come in, “Where does this piece go?” If we couldn’t remember, my trusty diagram provided a quick memory jog.

I know, I’m a nerd!


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