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Broken glass April 7, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

Life was easier when it was just DH and I. Probably a little less exciting, too!

11:50am – someone calls claiming to be entering me in some contest and offering 5 magazines for 4 years for FREE
11:52am – I ask them to call me back later as the progeny are dying of hunger
12:15pm – stat getting lunch ready (I have no idea how 20 minutes passes between hanging up and finally getting lunch ready!)
12:16pm – scoop out the first serving of mac n’ cheese – set the casserole back on the counter so that I can put the food in the micro
12:17pm – disaster ensues

C –

R –

A –

S –


! ! !


The nice, 2qt round casserole dish went sailing off of the counter and broke into elevnty billion pieces!

Seriously, this was a disaster!  Everyone was hungry, I now had teeny little shards of glass ALL OVER the entire kitchen, I had an 8mo old that totally didn’t understand that he needed to stay out, and I had no ideas what to do about lunch!


12:20pm – I start trying to get the baby gate set up to keep the LO’s out of the kitchen.  Alas, I had to set it up on the diagonal, which was less than ideal, and it took forever.

12:30pm – I start sweeping up the mess, all the while admonishing the 2year old “Get off of the gate!” Of course, the gate comes tumbling down, and now the 8 month old, who is wailing for some unknown reason, wants to come into the kitchen

Somewhere in all of the mayhem, I must have suggested that we get pizza for lunch.  I was  thinking of going to Little Ceasers to get their $5 Hot and Ready pizza.  My 3 year old had other plans.  . . . he wanted to go eat at a restaurant.  This seemed like a categorically bad idea.  The 8 month old was WAAAYYYY overdue for a nap, the 2yr old was tired and crabby and had been woefully disobedient all day, and the 3 year old was, well, he was just being three.  Can you just see it, me in Monical’s Pizza with three crazy children?  Uh, no, that wasn’t happening.  I offered either picking up pizza and eating at home, or eating PB & J. (Not sure why this didn’t occur to me before!)  Well, if you have small children, you know how well THAT went over, which is to say, it didn’t. Oh yeah, I picked up the chunk of mac n’ cheese, hoping to be able to salvage lunch, only to find it riddled with tiny little pieces of glass!!

12:55pm – The 3 yo is wailing as if his life were about to end, the 2 yo is yelling that she wants her paci, and the baby is just wailing, for who knows why, probably just sympathy wailing!

1pm – I finally convinced the 3yo that getting take out pizza would be just fine.

1:15pm – we get back home and have a nice little lunch.

Life was MUCH easier when it was just DH and I, but WAAAYYYY less exciting!




1. R - April 7, 2011

Oh my goodness, what a day! Good for you for keeping your spirits up and not shaking anybody 🙂 I hope the rest of the afternoon went a bit more smoothly for you… *hugs* btw, loving the little peeks into the new house! Looks like a great space…lots of light, plenty of room…nice!

Judy - April 7, 2011

I definitely need to do a post on the new house. It really is a great space that suits us really well. Glad I talked DH into renting it=)

2. Lita - April 7, 2011

Oh no what a day! i wish I would have been there to help you. Thank goodness is one more day. Love you.

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