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I cried blood May 7, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

When I was in elementary school, I had a friend that missed a day or so of school on a regularish basis thanks to stys. You know, those painful infections that happen you the eyelid. She told me that they were quite painful and to be glad that I’d never had one. I enjoyed my freedom until sometime in my 20’s, and then I got hit with my first sty. I don’t actually remember that particular sty, but the ones since then have been no fun at all. I seem to go in cycles . . . I’ll have a whole slew for a month or two, and then nothing for a while, and then they’ll come back. I’m pretty sure sleep, or lack thereof, has something to do with the appearance of stys. Oftentimes, I can stave them off if I try to get a bit more sleep when one is coming on.

The day before Easter, I got one on my right upper eyelid on the outside (the side closest to my ear). It was a doozy, so painful and making my vision in that eye just weird. Sunday was the worst, and I just knew that I needed to relieve some of the pressure. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be poking around in my eye . . . I couldn’t help it. I managed to “relieve the pressue” and extracted goo (aka pus). This of course was not super comfortable, but I had an end goal in mind. Partway through this process, I felt a tear start rolling down the bridge of my nose. I was totally weirded out to see that it was red.

I cried blood. It was very strange. Okay, so I wasn’t actually crying, but it was a tear. Given that it was Easter, it made me think of how strange it would have been for the disciples if they would’ve seen Jesus sweat blood. I’ve read that story so many times, and have never REALLY thought about the blood that Jesus sweat. I guess the bloody tear really brought it home for me. It also made me realize that I should probably leave my eye alone. I daresay that the former was the more important of the two lessons!


1. Lita - May 7, 2011

Yes indeed, you need to leave that eye alone! usa toallas tibias en el ojo afectado y necesitas usar antibiotico oftalmico como erytromicina.
Hope you are better.
Love u

2. Perla - June 27, 2011

Yea you need to leave it alone.

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