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Toy organization June 21, 2011

Posted by Judy in parenting.

Several months ago . . . okay, maybe it was more like a year ago, I looked around the house and realized it was one, giant, disastrous playroom. It was driving me CRAZY! Something had to be done, and fast. Even though the kids put their toys away at night before bed, it was still just a disaster.

It got so bad that they didn’t even really play with the toys, they just spent the day wandering around the chaos. Luckily, I found a great tutorial for making some little basket/bag things over at foofangle. I decided that this would be how I’d conquer the chaos. I set out to start choosing and cutting the fabric. The babes helped choose the accent fabric and I gave them their own little paper and scissors that they used to cut out pretend fabric for their own pretend project. Amazingly, I was able to keep them entertained for and ENTIRE DAY doing the exact same thing!

The baskets in progress. The living room was a wreck for about 3 weeks!

Even so, I didn’t get all of the cutting done, and it turned out to be a HUGE project, but totally worth every minute. We made seven baskets, of various shapes and sizes, and then created little labels. Since the babes don’t read yet, the labels are more for me. I think they identify the correct basket either by size or by the fabric.

The house looked leagues better once things were organized. Now that we are in a different house, the toys are still beautifully organized. If you look inside the baskets, it’s a wreck, but the beauty is that these close up at the top, so they are kinda like bags, so you don’t see the mess=)

And now, I present the before and after shots.

The train table before

The train table after

Okay, apparently I don’t have an after shot.  Just image all of the junk on the table . . . gone=)

The kitchen before

The kitchen after

The music room/playroom before

The music room/playroom after

Soo much better, right? And now, when friends come over, cleanup is super easy! This makes the organizational maven in me VERY happy!


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