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Burrito bowls July 6, 2011

Posted by Judy in Recipes.

A few weeks ago, we got dinner from a place called Panchero’s Mexican Grill. Their menu consists of burritos, burrito bowls and a few other things. We ended up getting burrito bowls, which were decent, but I decided that I definitely could do better. (Humble, I know!) So yesterday, I decided to give it a try. I thought about it too late to actually make my own rice, so I bought the Lipton packaged rice, Mexican flavor. (Next time, I’ll just make my own, but this was good enough.) These were SUPER easy to make and they were a hit . . definitely going to be making these again!

What you need:
Rice – if you make your own rice, you’ll want to flavor it with some lime and fresh cilantro
Black beans
Refried beans
Corn, fresh or frozen
Santa Fe salad toppers





Putting it together:
Grab a bowl.
Put a cup or so of rice in the bottom.
Then, just pile everything else on top. The order doesn’t really matter, but I like to have the beans towards the bottom.

Easy peasy, right?


1. Perla - July 7, 2011

Yum, Yum! thanks for sharing your culinary experiments.

2. rlape85 - September 3, 2013

Were you able to eat it with cheese? that looks good!

3. Judy - September 3, 2013

Oh, I haven’t made this recently. I was just linking it for Heidi. 😉

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